Our Story

Well, as I’m not really the businessman profile but a humble rider, maybe it can be a starting lead…
Touched my first board in 1983. France. The first boards were directly coming from Cali. As I can remember, the first “good looking” roller quad was called the “Californias”.

My first board was orange, plastic made, but it was the Future! Even my dad couldn’t ride it. Noway.
That leads us to 1988 where a totally new era land in my hood: we quickly move from dirty shitty boards from the supermarket to Santa Cruz Natas and O’Brian flava… Vision wheels, Independent, and boom!
The Skateboard Super Nova blasted Paris and the suburbs. Big cities like Bordeaux, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille, Toulouse flip to a whole new level.

Why is that? Well, as I can tell the connexion between California and France isn’t really a “new” thing at that time. Back in 1968 Californian and french surfers meet up during surf trips. The Lacanau Pro is one of the oldest surf contest in the world with the first edition in 1979!
The winner enters the International Pro Circuit so it’s quite a big thing!

No web at that time, so the ONLY way you could learn new tricks was to stick with oldest riders leading to a strong collab between generations. Still today you can find riders representing all generations.
The other was to get a friend who bought VHS tapes like Propaganda!

Also, the first fanzine/magazines started to arrive and with them, the idea of sponsoring riders, showcase their tricks, photograph them. The connexion with the music industry also started with the first clip produced in the USA.
We received them with a great pleasure here, with sometimes long waiting periods.

Anyway, I made my way through the surf/skateboard culture from my 5 years old, never quitted and as I’m the kind of person who likes freedom, one beautiful summer day of 2016, during the Lacanau Pro final run, won buy Yohann Duru, a Frenchy surfer, I decided to dive and build a brand.
More in the idea of giving back and continue this story, this riding story I like to say.
Because hey, there were times nobody was riding anymore. We even thought that skateboard will disappear one day. Like a trend.
But I like to say that surf isn’t a trend, skateboarding isn’t a trend. Maybe it’s not cool too. Because there is a whole history when we start talking “surf”. Skateboarding comes from the surf culture, coming straight from Hawai’i.
Maybe it’s time to remember where this all comes from. And stick with important values, like really.
Not a marketing trick. Fuck marketing tricks!
What do you guys think? What Dogtown would say about it? ^^

“Ride is tribe”. I know I can go any spots or skateparks on earth to meet friends there. That’s all. Everything is said when you realize that this is true. Riders meet each other. They connect easily, no matter where you’re from.
We don’t bother if you live far from the ocean in a big city wearing Quicksilver hoodies. One day you’ll come to the shore and maybe, you’ll try a long and get it. And when you get it, dude. That’s a no return thing ;)

We maybe share that feeling, when you accept to crash yourself like a shit on the pavement. Or give yourself on a dive in the double. When you say “fuck it” like a Jackass son!
And yeah I’m so pleased to see more and more girls riding. Hell, I’m proud. I can’t avoid that feeling. Back in the days, friends of mine tried it. Stood on the board, laughed, and felt… No second try 99,9% of the time! ^^

Now? Dude, you’ve got SKATE GIRL CREWS !!! Girl power that’s all!

I want to illustrate that in our collection. It’s a core value for me, for us.

So now what? Well, we’ll work hard to provide the best products we can offer. Everything we make, we make it because would love to find it in the stores we shop.

Every collab is the fruit of destiny, artists we meet during our journey on earth ^^
Was important to me to mention.

Because you know what?

“Authenticity is sexy !”
Instagram quote (I’ll try to find who said it but it’s insta…)